• Should You Have A Sewer and Drain Camera Inspection?

    6 Feb 2015 | Blog
  • If you’ve ever had a home with a sewer malfunction, you know the process is anything but fun. Raw sewage entering your home, sometimes even into your living space can take weeks to recover from.

    But even if you’ve repaired your sewer line in the past, plumbing is an ever-changing system throughout your home. Problems will occur again at some point in time. Which means the only way to prevent big problems is to know what to look for, and act before problems occur.

    Sewer problems rarely occur without advance warning.

    • Slow drains
    • Problems with more than one appliance (for example, your toilet has trouble flushing and your shower has trouble draining)
    • Backups occurring again and again and you can’t find the problem

    If you begin noticing a problem with your plumbing, don’t ignore it. It will only get worse over time.

    A sewer and drain camera inspection is the best way to determine where the potential problem lies, and to determine if it’s a one-time clog, or may be a reoccurring issue from a deeper problem. A professional plumber will send a line with a tiny camera attached to it down into your plumbing, and review all the potential problem areas that may exist. The inspection typically takes about two hours of time, and will identify things like deterioration from aging, damage from digging, unruly clogs, intrusive roots or other damage from landscaping, a crushed pipe, or simply a grease clog that has become stuck over time.

    When you clear a drain clog with a simple, natural solution, or use a tiny drain snake to reach a problem a few feet away, you can never be quite sure if you’ve reached the root of the problem. A sewer and drain camera inspection will provide you with full assurance your pipes are clean and in good working condition.

    Whether you’re worried about a potential problem that exists in your home, or want assurance the property you are about to purchase is free from immediate potential plumbing problems, a video inspection will give you the answers you need. Give us a call today and schedule your sewer and drain camera inspection – you’ll be glad you did.